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Friday, August 15, 2014

Pre-Owned Guitars

Hey Guys,

I have quite a number of pre-owned guitars for sale. All still mint conditions.

Kindly Pm me the for the price directly to get fast responds, or SMS/Call/Whatsapp 0126076468.

These guitar are ready for testing and we can always free setup for you.

Only available at Amplitude Music

All Pre-Owned guitars condition are super good.
Photo can be given upon request.

Here is the list :
1) Epiphone SG Prophecy Custom - Sold
2) Ibanez SZ520
3) AXL Badwater SRO
4) PRS SE Tremonti Signature
5) Epiphone Korina 1957 Explorer - Sold
6) PRS SE 245
7) Fender Japan Jazz Bass JB75
8) Ibanez Bass Premium SR1200
9) Bacchus Bass Woodline DX, Handmade Series.
10) Ibanez Gio with Active Humbucker pickup and tremolo
11) Ibanez RGA42T made in Indonesia
12) Cort X-1 with Cort amp
13) Ovation Celebrity series CS257 with hardcase
14) Ovation Custom Balladeer Model: 1712 with Hardcase
15) Tokai Goldstar sound strat HSS
16) Maton Electric Guitar MS500 Mastersound with hardcase

We buy/sell used guitars (terms and conditions applied). We also can help you sell your guitars, the chances of your items getting sold here are higher. Do contact us if you are interested. Cheers

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